Azurelope assist large clients in public sector with the development of an Enterprise Asset Management vision using open service-oriented architectures.

We have full understanding and capability to project manage the design, development and delivery of complex projects and are engaged with multiple clients in regulated industries such as nuclear, defence, rail and local government.

This can involve migrating existing on premise Baseline Architectures to the cloud which typically include Microsoft 365 as part of the new Target Architecture. Azurelope are experienced in extending the vanilla Microsoft On-Premise and Microsoft 365 solutions with additional capabilities specifically for engineering asset owners. These enhancements use a combination of Azurelope provided modules and other 4rd party solutions providing enhanced capability for Business Intelligence, Enterprise Asset Management and Engineering Workflows.

We develop scalable cloud architectures using the latest techniques in Development Operations (DevOps), QA automation and Software-of-a-Service.


Open Service Oriented Architecture

Microservice architecture ensures a ‘democratic’ domain-based approach to data management is used to deliver a distributed computing model that is modular and more adaptable. A collection of ‘services’ each representing a business function within a bounded context and able to communicate with other services over a message bus to better reflect the business needs. This distributed computing model is modular and more adaptable for change.

The flexibility of using services has several significant advantages over more traditional large ‘monolithic’ architecture. Each service represents a modular block that can run independently of other services to carry out a specific business function. This is also known as a ‘Domain Driven Design’ which can continuously evolve with each evolving service developing in smaller blocks. Using a service-oriented architecture allows for the incremental addition of new end-to-end use cases as the business demands over time.

Microservice Architecture

Enterprise integration of services


Fast deployment of services


Development-Operations culture

Scalable Cloud

Cloud migration and management

Digital Consulting

Azurelope offer advanced digital consulting to assist our clients within regulated industries with the design, development and delivery of enterprise level service-oriented architectures to deliver transformative business change.
  • Enterprise service-oriented architecture
  • Multi-environment DevOps
  • Domain driven data modelling
  • Reduced business risk to IT decisions.


Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is the most efficient, cost effective and scalable method of distributing software to large numbers of users in different locations. The SaaS movement has transformed modern IT service delivery.
  • Software-as-a-Service
  • Multi-environment networks.
  • RESTful API systems integration.
  • Efficient IT service delivery

User Experience

We consider user experience a crucial component to the success of enterprise information systems. In particular, we at Azurelope understand the importance that user experience plays in onboarding a mixed user workforce of varying skills. The importance of tailoring the user journey to meet the needs of each user profile. This is important to ensure that information systems are used to their full capacity and that company data is maintained in an active state.

There is no one size fits all

User Experience is both:

1) expected by the next generation of users who have always known and relied upon the UX of modern mobile devices and;

2) required to successfully onboard technology to the current generation of users.

UI / UX Design

Develop the user journey

Wireframe Development

Interactive end-to-end wireframes

Visual Communication

Data visualisation and dashboarding

Intent based navigation

Providing efficient workflows

Wireframe development

We create interactive wireframes that our clients can try and feedback comments prior to committing to build.
  • Clickable prototype wireframes
  • Experiment with user feedback

The User Journey

Poor choice of user interface for a particular user can result in an ineffective user journey. This is why we tailor the user journey to meet the needs of the intended user.
  • User Journey Development
  • User Acceptance Testing

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