We are developers of unique workflows for data discovery and data recovery including NLP tools for asset management. We use these tools to simplify the classification of data for information management purposes such as automatically associating documents to asset tags, image tagging to classify against assets and predictive maintenance.


Deploying in a production environment

Being a SaaS vendor, we are able to take these technologies further than the data science service level and deploy the technology as production ready services in a Software-as-a-Service capacity. This includes deploying NLP technology as a microservice to integrated within our microservice architectures.

Natural Language Processing

Word-2-Vector | Bag of Words

Time-to-Event Predictive Models

Predictive modelling

Production Ready Services

Containerised production ready services

Image Recognition for Asset Tagging

Image and Video asset recognition

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing technology is simple form of AI that is very effective at organising and classifying large quantities of legacy and poorly classified information.
  • Open source AI technology
  • Automating Information Management
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
  • Can be trained on client specific corpus

Time-to-Event Predictive Modelling

We have developed unique ‘Time-to-event’ models to assist clients in regulated industries who hold lots of unstructured but valuable engineering records and need to asset the asset condition for proactive maintenance. This technology is able to trend forwards to provide a statistical prediction of the next event such as a failure or breakdown.
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Asset condition monitoring
  • Extracting Insights from your data
  • Knowledge modelling
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