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Azurelope is a hi-tech consultancy that improves business processes for asset owners and suppliers and manufacturers to the construction industry. We specialise in enriching your business processes by getting the most value out of existing and new technologies such as the use of cloud computing for collaboration and integrating software applications. We help you realise value in digital assets. We focus in ensuring that your data is remains free and available as possible enabling you to maximise the most value to serve your business.

We have experience in helping our customers to utilise the right tools to take projects from inception down to detailed component level for manufacture and complete Bill Of Material take-off. Our services include supporting you in every aspect of achieving BIM Level 2 compliance. By having a distinct advantage over our competitors, we use the same master data issued to your clients projects also used in the manufacturing process.

Our skills stretch across the whole design, supply and manufacturing process. We have specific industry experience including the use of CNC machinery.

About Azurelope

About Azurelope



Most suppliers have 2D or 3D content libraries that can be issued to design teams and contractors for use in live projects. These libraries are often separate to the manufacturing process. We specialise in filling this gap by using sharing the same data for both project design work and the more detailed manufacturing process.

If the product is simple and the 3D models are light, we use the same models. But if the products are complex and require more complicated 3D models for manufacturing, then we share the ‘major’ parameters to provide both a lighter model version for project use and a detailed version of the model for fabrication.