Azurelope is a fully independent and self-sufficient team with a wide range of skills stretching across the industry from practical engineering and construction knowledge, design and technical, software engineering and consulting. These skills enable our team to offer valuable insight to our customers with holistic return on investment.



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Our Functional Consultancy involves the planning, design and oversight of the implementation of tailored software solutions. We take requirements from our clients, using their understanding to analyse various methods and solutions to build a system that meets the client’s required structure. The aim of our Functional Consultancy service is to provide technical solutions that meet and manipulate your business requirements.
Our Consultants work as part of a team that may include business analysts, technical consultants and software engineers. This also typically involves technical and managerial representatives from the client team.
The aim of our service is to provide end to end solutions that meet and deliver your business requirements.
Requirements Definition

Develop the user journey

Agile processes

Interactive end-to-end wireframes

Business Transformation

Data visualisation and dashboarding

End to end support

Providing efficient workflows

Functional Consultant Duties and Responsibilities

To successfully design and build software systems to meet business needs, our Functional Consultants perform many tasks including:

Understand Business Processes

Understand as much knowledge as possible about your current business processes and the design of current business flows. This exercise typically involves the preparation of flow diagrams to create a current picture of the business.

Determine Client Needs

Undertake interviews with business stakeholders to evaluate the client demands, which they then turn into a logical and technical business model that can be achieved through software.

Configure the application in alignment with business needs

Customize the business area in question and make sure the new system reacts in the manner that the client intends it to. Coordinate efforts with the technical counterparts from the client team, and perform data mapping activities of the end solution.

Ensure Usability

After completing the redevelopment, our Functional Consultants will deliver end user training and ensures a smooth transition to the client. We will report on the progress of the work effort, and follow-up to support the application on an ongoing basis.

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